Carole King, Rolling Stones, Sam Cooke and an homage to our work by Michel Gondry!

Well here we are, the tail end of the longest winter ever and with 2020 firmly in the rear-view mirror. We made it! And however rough the last year’s been, we can start to see light on the horizon. Spring’s on the way, vaccines are rolling out and we can start to dream about normal life again. Here at Yes Please we’ve been lucky enough to be kept distracted by some more great projects.

‘Speak Now’ by Leslie Odom Jr.

Firstly more work for our long-time clients ABKCO. They’ve produced the film ‘One Night In Miami’. Directed by Regina King, the film tells the story of the night Sam Cooke, Muhammed Ali, Jim Brown and Malcom X met in a Miami motel room. It’s a brilliant film and I urge you to watch it (available on Amazon Prime Video). We were tasked with creating a lyric video for the lead original song from the film’s soundtrack by Leslie Odom Jr. ‘Speak Now’ has since been nominated for a Golden Globe and shortlisted for an Oscar. Using elements from the film’s official poster artwork, we kept things simple and stylish for this one, not wanting to detract from the power and emotion of the song.


Carole King ‘Tapestry’ 50th Anniversary

We were honoured and excited in equal measure to be approached by Sony Legacy to help them with their campaign for the 50th Anniversary of Carol King’s stone-cold classic album ‘Tapestry’. We were asked to create a lyric video for ‘It’s Too Late’, with the brief of making it a scrapbook or collage of memories. We used archive photos and footage, as well as ephemera such as ticket stubs, musical scores and even an image of the tapestry Carole’s holding on the album cover.


The Rolling Stones ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’

Alongside our video for ‘Speak Now’, we’ve continued working with ABKCO on lyric videos for The Rolling Stones and Sam Cooke catalogue. Firstly, here’s our video for the Stone’s early hit ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’. We wanted to capture the exuberance and excitement of this song, whilst giving a nod to the period it was written. We did that by creating a series of explosive and dynamic animations, inspired by the beautifully designed paper slip cases that used to house 7” singles in the 60s.


Creative Direction for Sam Cooke

We’ve also continued our creative direction for Sam Cooke’s back catalogue, featuring our mid-century modern aesthetic for classic songs such as ‘Just For You’ and ‘That’s Where It’s At’.


Michel Gondry’s a Yes Please fan!

And finally, we were honoured / thrilled / losing our shit when it was pointed out to us by an Instagram follower that the legend that is Michel Gondry had made his own stop motion version of our ‘She’s A Rainbow’ video out of coloured paper. We’ve been huge fans of Gondry’s work since his ground-breaking music videos for the likes of Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers and Bjork, so this was a big deal for us!

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