Jumpin’ Jack Flash is 53 – that’s a gas…

Over the last four years, we’ve made more than 100 lyric videos for The Rolling Stones and it’s always a joy to dig back into the catalogue and find new ways of interpreting the classics.

To commemorate 53 years of rock ‘n’ roll perfection, we gave both Jumpin’ Jack Flash and its B-Side, Child Of The Moon a visual revamp. Jumpin’ Jack Flash’s rock ‘n’ roll danger and Child Of The Moon’s psychedelic undertones always played well off one another on the 7”, and putting that dichotomy to film was one of the more rewarding moments we’ve had with the Stones’ work.


Jumpin’ Jack Flash

With ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ we knew we had to create a visual that somehow matched the swagger and excitement of the track. Our visual opens with red, white and black geometric shapes whirring to that unmistakable Keith Richards riff, different animations moving in and out of the screen to every bar of music – diamonds, circles and clean lines soon make way for a kaleidoscopic whir just in time for the maracas to make themselves at home.


Child Of The Moon

Child Of The Moon opts for a more subdued feel, inspired by the natural landscape and elements from the track’s original, acid-tinged 1968 promo video, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. We lifted the typeface for the new lyric video from the original 7” single, ensuring the song’s psychedelic, retro tones were conveyed faithfully in 2021. This ‘60s-inspired theme is furthered with bespoke illustrations of flowers, leaves and patterns that grow in and around the typeface.

Excitingly for us, our work for these videos was celebrated in the Rolling Stone article below:

Rolling Stones Drop New Lyric Videos for ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash,’ ‘Child of the Moon’

Memo From Turner & Downtown Suzie

We’ve also been working on some slightly deeper cuts from the Stones’ back catalogue. From the ‘Metamorphosis’ compilation released in 1975 we have made videos for Memo From Turner ( later to be released as a solo Jagger track for the soundtrack for the film ‘Performance’) and the woozy, boozy Bill Wyman-penned Downtown Suzie.


Happy Birthday Eric Burdon

In May, The Animal’s legendary frontman Eric Burdon celebrated his 80th birthday. We were commissioned to create a short film celebrating his long career to mark the occasion. Happy Birthday Eric!

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