Spiritual Enlightenment and The Rolling Stones

Jon Hopkins – Sit Around The Fire

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Domino Records and Jon Hopkins to collaborate on the first video to be released from his upcoming album ‘Music for Psychedelic Therapy’. The track, ‘Sit Around The Fire’, is an extraordinarily calming, meditative eight-minute soundscape of piano chords and washes of beautifully drifting drones punctuated by the words of spiritual teacher Ram Dass, from a talk originally recorded in 1975.

Our brief for this video was to use the images and aesthetic of Ram Dass’ seminal book on meditation, yoga and spirituality ‘Be Here Now’. We took the richly illustrated and decorated pages of the book, cut them up, repurposed and animated sections to create our visual. We’re really happy with the result, and it really is a lovely thing to chill out to – I’d recommend setting aside 8 minutes to enjoy the whole piece.

Troubles A’ Comin – The Rolling Stones

Another Rolling Stones lyric video for Yes Please, this time for Polydor and Universal. The Stones are re-issuing the album ‘Tattoo You’ to celebrate its 40th anniversary, and we were asked to create a lyric video for ‘Troubles A’ Comin’, a previously unreleased track from the recording sessions. We took the design of the iconic album cover by Peter Corriston with illustrations by Christian Piper as inspiration for the visual. We repurposed the bold, block colours from the sleeve, adding a new spin with animated tattoos, moiré patterns and band photos.

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