Take a trip down the rabbit hole

August has been a busy month for Yes Please Productions as we continue to produce new content for the Rolling Stones’ back catalogue. This month we’ve worked on two of their more psychedelic tracks, ‘We Love you’ and ‘Dandelion’, marking the 53rd anniversary of its release as an A and B side 7” in 1967.

We Love You

This song was written in response to the band’s infamous drug bust and features backing vocals by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who were returning the favour after Keith and Mick had contributed backing vocals to The Beatles’ ‘All You Need Is Love.’ With its overtly trippy feel, we created a trip ‘down the rabbit hole’ with psychedelic shapes and patterns and the typeface taken from an early version of the single’s artwork.


A full on ‘Flower Power’ era Stones track for which we created a hand drawn alphabet, inspired by the lettering on a Spanish 7″ sleeve of the track from 1967. We also drew a series of psychedelic scenes featuring elements from nature and animated it with a stop-frame film to further give the visual a real 60s vibe.

Extra Assets

With tracks streaming across so many different sites and devices, promoting your artist means that a single video or design asset is often not enough. Our animated videos lend themselves perfectly to extracting multiple assets from one creative concept and we develop our videos to create an array of great content quickly and efficiently. Here’s an example of a looping vertical video for ‘We Love You’ that accompanies the track on various social media sites. Top quality, well crafted content grabs music fans attention and reinforces your artists’ image.

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